Getting your children to clean their rooms

Every parent’s nightmare. Getting children to clean their rooms. It doesn’t matter if the child is 6 years old or if they are 16 years old. Getting them to clean the room, and to keep the room clean is just impossible. However, if you know the secrets that some parents have, you will have a child that is eager to clean their rooms and to keep it tidy. These are the secrets and the key to success.

For younger children. Playing bins for toys work

Young children always have toys. And, this is these toys that are laying everywhere. A great way to keep the room tidy without throwing the toys away is to keep the toys in a playing bin. 

Normally these bins are fun and decorated in their favorite television character. Making it more fun to use, for cleaning up the room. And, storing them in the room, isn’t looking messy either. 

Themed rooms that teens will love

If a teen has a room that they love being in, they will ensure that it is clean. This is a great way to make sure that they are able to clean their rooms and to keep their rooms clean. 

Letting them choose their own theme for their rooms, and choosing their own wallpaper is a great way to let them keep their rooms tidy. They won’t even realize that you have tricked them in keeping their room tidy. This is a case of everyone wins.

Ensure that only essentials are kept ina room

You won’t struggle to keep their rooms clean if there isn’t much to clean. This is what many parents are saying. They are saying that if a room only has the essentials in, it can’t get filthy and required cleaning. This is also a great way to ensure that the teen is listening to you.

Tell them that if they can’t keep the room clean, that you will only leave the essential things in the room. Take the other things away and let them go without it. They will soon realize that by listening to you, will ensure that they have all their stuff in the room.

Don’t clean the room yourself, no matter what 

Sometimes a teen doesn’t clean their room for one reason. Because they know that mom will get tired of the untidy room and she will start cleaning herself. This is the biggest mistake that one can make. If they don’t want to clean their rooms, then just close the door. Don’t pay any attention to it. 

Let them live in that mess until they decide that this can’t go on. Teaching them consequences for their actions.

The one thing every parent all over the world is struggling with. Getting a child to clean their rooms. But, with these secrets, you just might win this war. You just need to be smart. The last thing that you should do, is to give in and clean the room for them. This is going to learn them that mother will clean the room at the end of the day.